An overview of discovering your personal learning profile

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Critical Thinking: Tools for Taking Charge of Your Professional and Personal Life, Second Edition

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Personal Growth and Development—A Transformational Journey

Your profile is not just a collection of the ideas you love - it's a reflection of who you are. It's where all your ideas and inspiration for projects past, present, and future live.

It'll grow and evolve just like you with every Pin you save. Many people use a combination of learning styles, whereas others learn best by using just one.

Personal development

Want to know your learning style? You're just 20 questions away from finding out! Institutional Diversity and Equity • Background/History+of+Strengths+ • Become+aware+of+YOURtalents+and+your+poten9al+ for+strengths.+ • Verbalize+your+themes.+.


Using multiple learning styles and �multiple intelligences� for learning is a relatively new approach. This approach is one that educators have only recently started to recognize. Traditional schooling used (and continues to use) mainly linguistic and logical teaching methods. Browse Benefits, Learning Styles and Personal content selected by the eLearning Learning community.

even though there is little empirical research to support it. Overview of Learning Styles. Instruction Instruction Instructional Journal We can use your profile and the content you share to understand your interests and provide.

“Assessment—An Institution-Wide Process to Improve and Support Student Learning” by College of DuPage (IL) is a handbook which lays out the student learning outcomes process and roles in .

An overview of discovering your personal learning profile
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