Intranasal oxytocin improves emotion recognition for youth with autism spectrum disorders

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Hormone Oxytocin Improves Behavior in Children With Autism

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Intranasal oxytocin improves emotion recognition for youth with autism spectrum disorders

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Autism Spectrum Disorders

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New treatment for social problems in autism? Oxytocin improves emotion recognition

Compared to placebo, intranasal oxytocin did not significantly improve emotion recognition, social interaction skills, or general behavioral adjustment in male youths with autism spectrum disorders.

Intranasal oxytocin improves emotion recognition for youth with autism spectrum disorders – Source: Biological Psychiatry, Apr 1, a widely used and reliable test of emotion recognition. BACKGROUND: A diagnostic hallmark of autism spectrum disorders is a qualitative impairment in social communication and interaction.

Deficits in the ability to recognize the emotions of others are believed to contribute to this. There is currently no effective treatment for these problems.

Guastella A, Einfeld S, Gray K, Rinehart N, Tonge B, Lambert T et al () Intranasal oxytocin improves emotion recognition for youth with autism spectrum disorders.

Biol Psychiatry 67(7)– CrossRef PubMed Google Scholar. Background. Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are a group of biologically based chronic neurodevelopmental disorders characterized by impairments in two major domains: 1) deficits in social communication and social interaction and 2) restricted repetitive patterns of.

BRIEF REPORT Intranasal Oxytocin Improves Emotion Recognition for Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders Adam J. Guastella, Stewart L. Einfeld, Kylie M. Gray, Nicole J. Rinehart, Bruce J.

Tonge, Timothy J. Lambert, and Ian B. Hickie Background: A diagnostic hallmark of autism spectrum disorders is a qualitative impairment in social communication and interaction.

Intranasal oxytocin improves emotion recognition for youth with autism spectrum disorders
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