Kelly brownell and marion nestle are you responsible for your own weight con

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America's Obesity Crisis:Are You Responsible for Your Own Weight?

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Marion Nestle, professor for nutrition and food studies at New York. We will write a custom essay sample on Fast Food Nation specifically for you for only $ $/page.

“People are exposed to a toxic food environment,” says Kelly Brownell of Yale’s Center for Eating and Weight Disorders. “It really is an emergency. says Marion Nestle, a professor of nutrition and food studies at New York. Kelly Brownell of the Yale Center for Eating and Weight Disorders, and Marion Nestle, chair of the Department of Nutrition and Food Studies at New York University, compared the food industry's self-serving attempts to delay action on the WHO proposal to efforts made by the tobacco industry to defend the harmless-ness of cigarettes.

The film features interviews and footage of notable experts and celebrities speaking on the topic of the American obesity epidemic including Former President Bill Clinton, Former Surgeon General Richard Carmona, Ralph Nader, Dr. Kelly Brownell, Dr. Marion Nestle, and bestselling authors Michael Pollan and Chef Ann Cooper, among many others.

2003 ‘Tarnished Halo’ Awards

Awarded to the father of the “Twinkie tax,” Yale University professor Kelly Brownell, for writing a book on solutions to the obesity epidemic while misleading the public about his own weight. On the dust jacket of his book about obesity, readers find a photograph of a trimmer (and much younger) Brownell than current reality warranted.

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Kelly brownell and marion nestle are you responsible for your own weight con
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