Latino students with emotional disturbance

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Emotionally Disturbed Students at Greatest Risk of Dropping Out, Study Finds

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Its Origins and Editors in Special Education. Abstract Students with emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD) often engage in behavior that is disruptive in the classroom, impedes educational progress, and inhibits peer relationships.

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Previous Article / Next Article. Students with Emotional/Behavioral Disorders: Promoting Positive Outcomes By Camilla A. Lehr and Jennifer McComas. Public schools are designed to provide instructional programs that foster the educational success of all students and shape citizens who can contribute in positive ways to society.


From language barriers to economic hardship, social factors can be a significant contributor to emotional stressors affecting children in the home and in school.

More than 17 percent of Latino students surveyed report being bullied. Culturally Competent Teachers Effect’s on Latino Students with Emotional Disturbance Gloria Page-Gooding Immaculata University Abstract The objective of this study was to examine the progress of Latino students with ED when assigned to culturally competent teachers in their school environment in addition to the other school supports they receive.

The term emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD) encompasses a wide variety of behaviors and characteristics. Students with EBD often exhibit behaviors that interfere with academic success in schools. Like other students with disabilities, they also experience difficulties learning in various.

Previous research has shown that Latino/a middle school students exhibiting emotional or behavioral disturbance are at risk for undesirable academic outcomes. The purpose of this study.

Guidelines for Identifying and Educating Students with Emotional Disturbance Latino students with emotional disturbance
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