Need for reform of australian drug policy

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Drug Law Reform Australia

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Why We Need Drug Policy Reform About This Image Caravan for Peace, a month-long campaign to protest the brutal drug war in Mexico and the US, ended in Washington D.C. on September 10, The President of the Australian Drug Law Reform Foundation Dr Alex Wodak was recently interviewed by the Sax Institute about drug prohibition and drug law reform.

The Sax Institute is a national leader in promoting the use of research evidence in health policy. We need to reform drug policy to help the person behind the problem And the establishment of the Ministerial Drug and Alcohol Forum, which reports to the Council of Australian Governments, is.

Drug Law Reform Australia is a registered political party in Australia. The aims of the party are to create a new regulatory system for illegal drugs in Australia, and influence the political debate around drug use towards decriminalisation and harm minimisation.

Drug-induced deaths have hit their highest number in 20 years andAustralians are unable to get the treatment they need each year. Now is the time for meaningful and effective drug policy reform/5(2).

Illicit drug use in Australia

Drug busts have little impact on the availability of drugs and, as we continue to see more harms including overdoses and deaths, it is clear we need a new approach to illicit drugs.

This week, a parliamentary drug summit, convened by the Australian Parliamentary Group on Drug Policy and Law Reform, is debating drug policy reform in Australia.

Need for reform of australian drug policy
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Australia's recreational drug policies aren't working, so what are the options for reform?