Observation of a special needs class

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Parent Observation in the Classroom? Yes!

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Peer observation

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Recently I have received quite a few questions about children with special needs (autism, ADHD, and others) and how they can fit into the Montessori environment. Children with special educational needs (SEN) can get the help they need to get an education - SEN support, education, health and care plans, SEN before September There are few situations in life which are harder to deal with than caring for a child with very special needs.

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Mar 24,  · Teaching the Special Needs Children in India - Duration: Teacher Observation of Ms. Ainge teachertubeSPED 23, views. in Tiffany's special needs classroom - Duration.

Parent Observation in the Classroom? Yes! As both a parent of a child with special needs as well as a teacher of 30 years of children with special needs, I can tell you that it is my belief that parents are an integral part of their child’s education and that as part of the team it is very difficult to my job without your help.

I can also.

Observation of a special needs class
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