Offense basketball

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Basketball Motion Offense

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Basketball Offense - 1-4 High Stack Offense

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Basketball: Offense

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Spread Offenses Spread offenses are normally Offense basketball at the end of game to protect a hard earned lead, or when a team is totally mismatched. Basketball "Offense" training courses Offensive Basketball drills for coaching motion, zone, transition, 5-on-5 plays including youth videos by top coaching experts at CoachTube.

The offense tends to "flatten" the defense, and with the empty space under the basket, is ideal for back-cuts to the hoop, especially from the wing. The offense starts when the player with the basketball (1) passes across court to (4).

This pass triggers the flex cut from (3) who is screened by (5). After (5) screens for (3), (1) now sets a down-screen for (5) (screen-the-screener action) to pop to the top of the key.

Basketball Offense Tips and Articles Before getting into specific offenses, it's important for your to know the ins and out of setting screens. You can learn more about setting screens by checking out this article.

It's also important to develop a team oriented offense. Offenses must be simple with the emphasis on execution and fundamentals. Offensive spacing should provide for strong offensive rebounding position as well as allowing for defensive balance.

Offenses must be flexible to meet various types of defensive pressure.

Offense basketball
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