Pollution in your city

How to Reduce Air Pollution in Your City (the cheapest and healthiest way)

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World Air Quality Index reveals how polluted YOUR city is

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Environmental Problems of Modern Cities

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To access current rankings (updated continuously) please visit. The only reason is Diwali patakha and the pollution. In mean while all were putting ban on industry, clossing schools last night again delhi get polluted with the burn of Crakers on occasion of Chhath pooja.

How Polluted Is Your City? By Meera Dolasia on October 19, In order to obtain a complete picture of the city's environment, the team begins by compiling data from multiple sources, pollution is not the best y r ppl not paying attention.

1 Reply. bosssuffield Tuesday. But there is one (not so) silent killer - Noise pollution. While (at least some) people take measures to curb other forms of pollutions, noise pollution is alarmingly ignored. In a busy city in India, filled with impatient motorists, humans are both the cause and victims of this seemingly dormant form of pollution.

Air and water pollution and waste are the main environmental problems in most cities. The underlying causes of air pollution of the city are the processes that are associated with the burning of fossil fuels (production and consumption of energy for heating buildings, industrial activities, traffic).

Pollution is the act or process of polluting or state of being polluted especially the contamination of soil, water or the atmosphere by discharge of harmful substances. Pollution has been a major issue in all cities for a long time and is continuing to get worse. There are different types of 3/5(2).

Pollution Index 2018 Mid-Year Pollution in your city
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