Who asked john lennon to write all you need is love

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All You Need Is Love

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Harmonica Tab: All You Need Is Love by The Beatles

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It was early June during a Beatles recording session, Paul McCartney casually asked John Lennon how it was going with that new song he was to write. John Lennon: Love Is All You Need out of 5 stars John Lennon's 'Love Is All You Need' January 14, Format: Write a customer review.

Most recent customer reviews. Thera Funk/5(45). All You Need Is Love was John's song. I threw in a few ideas, as did other members of the group, but it was largely ad libs like singing "She Loves You" or "Greensleeves" or silly little things like that at the end, and we made those up on the spot.

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Who asked john lennon to write all you need is love
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Beatles All You Need Is Love